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In addition to membership dues, you have the distinct opportunity to invest in the MO Chamber Political Action Committee, Missouri Chamber Foundation, GovWatch legislative tracking service or be a part of our area Chamber of Commerce Federation here:
For federal income tax purposes, the majority of your membership dues and contributions to the Missouri Chamber of Commerce and Industry is deductible as a business expense, not as a charitable contribution. The only exception is the portion of your dues (16.47%) designated to cover lobbying efforts by the Chamber. The Omnibus Budget Reduction Act of 1993 does not allow businesses to deduct lobbying expenses. For further assistance in this matter, please consult your accountant. Federal Tax ID 44 0357621

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Missouri Chamber Political Action Committee is a 527 organization. These contributions are not tax deductible.
Certified as a non-profit corporation by the state of Missouri, January, 1964. Granted federal tax-exempt status August 21, 1964 – 501 (c)(3) – Operating Public Foundation for Educational Purposes. Tax ID: 43-6051487
NOTE: If selecting to pay by Check, please make checks payable to Missouri Chamber of Commerce and Industry, P.O. Box 149, Jefferson City, MO 65102, and disregard credit card information section below. Thank you.
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